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Penrith Tree Felling has been providing professional tree care, tree surgery and when needed, tree removal and stump removal in the gardens of private homes, commercial properties, municipal parks and reserves, golf courses and schools across Sydney since 1999.

Our Vision

To be the most competent tree service available. Known for consistently delivering top quality tree work, great value for money and customer service second to none.

Our Values

We care about our clients, their trees and the property that surrounds them and will do whatever it takes leave their garden clean , tidy and undamaged. We help our clients make the right decisions based on arboricultural knowledge and experience. We have the skills to implement that knowledge and a commitment to developing ourselves further. We value and respect the environment.

Tree removal should be executed by an experience arborist. Penrith Tree Removal only employs professional qualified arborists for tree removal who can work at height, in confined spaces, near power line, over houses, and near roads. Penrith Tree Removal will accomplish tree removal in a safe and skilled manner as not to damage surrounding property.

When an assessment is made for tree removal over a house or electrical wires, Penrith Tree Removal has advanced tree removal techniques to first prioritise safety for the arborist as well as ensuring tree removal is safe without damage to surrounding property or electrical wires.

In the tree removal industry there is a great misconception that tree lopping and tree removal are synonyms of each other. This is simply untrue.

Tree lopping, lopping, or hat-racking are terms that describe the process of removing the entire top half of a tree, or the removal of the main stem(s) of the tree. Tree lopping was a common practice in the tree industry prior to 1983 due to a lack of standards, training, and certification. The process involves cross-cutting the main stem or leaders and leaving behind the rest of the tree. 

The problem with tree lopping is that it will leave large malformed stubs where the cross-cutting occurred and leaves the tree vulnerable to a whole spectrum of problems. Lopped trees are susceptible to pest penetration, pathogen intrusion, internal decay, and persistent but weakly jointed re-growth.

On the other hand, tree removal is the process of removing an entire tree. Tree felling is the only correct synonym for tree removal. The process of tree removal varies based on the size of the tree, the amount of space required the ‘drop’ the tree, nearby power lines, and of course the arborist’s preference. 

The easiest way to remove a tree is to cut it at the base, and then cut it into pieces after is has fallen to the ground. However, in residential and commercial areas a piece by piece approach if often adopted to reduce damage risks to buildings and infrastructure.

These two terms clearly describe completely different tree work, so why do people tend to use them interchangeably? 

The obvious reasons is that it is from a lack of understanding on this topic and that the term tree lopping has been ingrained into people’s vocabularies through tradition. But it could also come from people being unable to find the right words to describe the tree work they are after. The right terms to describe removing part of a tree selectively would be tree pruning, tree trimming, or tree surgery. The term for the person who carries out the tree work (assuming they are qualified) is an arborist, but they are known colloquially as a “tree doctor” or “tree surgeon”.

So next time you are thinking of having a tree removed or pruned, you should make sure you don’t accidentally ask for it to be lopped. You might end up with a disfigured tree that dies due to disease, pests or decay. You should always contact a qualified arborist like Penrith Tree Removal to carry out the work in a safe and professional manner.

We remove defective and undesirable trees in a safe and professional manner. Public safety and the safety of our team are a top priority, we don't cut corners or take unnecessary risks. We will act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings between our clients and our employees. We are proud to have many customers using us for repeat and ongoing work and referring us on to their friends. We promise you the same great results, and stand by our values with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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